About Me

My motto is one hour of crafting equal one cup of coffee!

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Aya Elsheshtawy. Being a wife, a mother makes my life busy. However finding an hour to craft is a must. Big thanks to my husband for supporting me 😉 I love scrapbooking, Mixed Media, Painting, coloring, card making jewelry making, YOU NAME IT! I also love creating my own mini albums, I also enjoy altering some sorts of items into an art piece. I enjoy sharing ideas and crafting techniques and tutorials on my YouTube channel. So subscribe if you want to see more stuff, its pieces of cake ;). Moreover, I have a second  channel called Life between books where I share some of  my studies  in MBHE from Harvard extension school and my master degree in Educational psychology. Reading books is something vital in my life and that’s also I want it to share with you. I am hoping I can benefit you, and you benefit me by sharing your experience with me and all of us. I want to tell you that your beauty should not come from outside such wearing gold or diamond and fine expensive clothes. Instead this beauty let it shine from your inner self to be kind to your soul and other souls. Beware of comparing yourself and copying others because Allah/God did not create another copy of you somewhere else, so congrats you’re very unique!