About Me

My motto is one hour of crafting equal one cup of coffee!

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Aya Elsheshtawy. Being a wife, a mother makes my life busy. However, finding an hour to craft is a must. Big thanks to my husband for supporting me. I love travling,reading and drinking coffee latte ! I love scrapbooking, mixed media, coloring, card making, resin art. I also love creating my own mini albums, I also enjoy altering some sorts of items into an art piece. I enjoy sharing ideas and crafting techniques and tutorials on my YouTube channel. I really appreciate you stopping by to see me. Subscribe to my channel to see more crafty videos.Also I was honered to present the first TV show programe ” Scraps” where introduced all types of crafting, stamping, die cutting.. etc.

        I love traveling, reading and drinking coffee latte ! 
                          I am blessed with an amazing husband Rami!

and my beloved kids Mariam born 2013

And Jibreel born 2018